A Good Day

Today was one of those days where everything was just right with the world.

As Rafe and I were leaving to take him to the babysitter this morning, a train was going by. We just stopped to watch it. There was no freaking out about getting in the car right now we are late! Lately “living in the moment” has been difficult for me, but there it was this morning.

Then I had my car serviced, and when I picked it up the dealership guys had vacuumed it. Anyone who regularly transports 3 kidlets in their automobile can attest to what a treat this is. I’m thrilled whenever I manage to clean the stuff out of it – sippy cups, discarded sucker sticks, articles of clothing that have been stripped en route (how do they do that while strapped into a carseat?). But to have it vacuumed…ahh, pure bliss.

On my way home with newly-vacuumed car, I stopped at the mailbox and there was a piece of mail addressed to Sugar Creek Farm. Cool! It somehow makes us more official, to actually have people acknowledging our existence on an envelope.

Mid-afternoon our carpenter stopped to discuss what projects we’re wanting him to do. He told me we’re at the top of his list and our projects will come before everyone else’s this year. How often do you hear that?

When Matt got off work he and Troy gave the garden its first tilling. Wow. The soil was like butter. Soft and fluffy, with a nice amount of moisture.

I made pizza for supper, which is something I usually do on Friday nights. But this time of year, with all the busyness, we too often end up resorting to carryout pizza. I perservered and came through with the homemade pizza.

After supper I actually got to put some seeds in the ground. This is at least 2 – if not 6 – weeks earlier than we got to last year. It was so much fun, so restorative to get my hands in the dirt. Got the first succession of garden and snap peas sown, and the first of the spinach.

Once it got dark we all sat around the living room, eating ice cream, and watched the end of Sixteen Candles.

A really good day.

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  1. shannon says:

    An excellent day! Here too! My preggo self is feeling it, but we got the two large raised beds turned over and we planted out all the cold weather seedlings, and the onion sets. I always get nervous this time of year – it all looks so …. vulnerable! – out there! but it felt good to get them in the ground (under row covers). Now to get E to make some more garden area for my seeds! 🙂

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