Weekend Linkity-Link: State Volleyball Edition

Yesterday was a long but fun day watching Olivia’s 4th & 5th grade team at the state AAU volleyball tournament. They didn’t fare too well, but it was a great experience for them. There are 8 Osage teams altogether in 4th thru 8th grade, and only 1 other of those teams qualified for state. So the girls were happy just to be there. (And Olivia takes every opportunity to remind her big sister that her team did not qualify for state, hee hee.) It’s interesting playing the larger schools, where it seems the girls pick one or maybe two sports, and play those all year round. In our little school that’s not the case. If you’re an athlete, you generally play 4 sports, one for each season. I think it makes for some well-rounded kids, even though it does get tricky for a few weeks where one sport overlaps into another.

So…onto some interesting links from around the blogosphere this week!

Twinville had several neat “chicken hacks”: a nest box modifcation, a chicken coop addition, and a chicken playground. Very creative!

Karen at Rurality had a non-traditional Easter visitor. So funny!

The Beginning Farmer’s Wife is starting her own sweet potato slips from a store-bought potato. It’s been fun to keep track of her progress!

And finally Suzanne, aka The Farmers Wife shared a stunning photograph called Red Stepstool. While you’re there be sure to stay and browse a while. Her photographic record of forgotten and decaying farm structures is fascinating!

3 years ago:

I’ll note that the insurance I talked about in this post has changed somewhat since I wrote this. It’s gone up in price quite a bit.

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Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday to my dear friends, Mindy and Lisa!

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5 Responses to Weekend Linkity-Link: State Volleyball Edition

  1. Sea2Shore says:

    Glad to see you feeling better. I bet they sure had fun playing even though they didn’t fare to well. Have a good week:)

  2. Haymaker says:

    I love the impish little grin on her face as she is “at the ready.” I remember the little school vs big school battles too. Our district was on the shallow end of the top division so we had to play the Cedar Rapids/ Dubuque/ Waterloo schools (and compete for All-State music & Speech.) In retrospect it made the victories all that much more meaningful. Thanks for linking to the other blogs.

  3. Patti says:

    Ya the red chair pic was interesting but it was staged.I like yours better.You go out in our real world and shoot what we live with.The good..The bad and The muddy. (the chair wasn’t that “vintage” BTW) :):)

  4. Twinville says:

    What to go Olivia!! (and her team, too) She looks so happy and ‘In the moment’ on the court.Hey! And thanks for the fun links to my blog’s recent chicken news. It’s just so awesome to pop into read your enjoyable blog and then find my own blog mentioned, too. Neat!

  5. Go Olivia – she looks like she is having such fun!!Kris

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