Take a hike, part 2

Some of the cool things Rafe and I saw on our little nature hike Labor Day weekend…

Rafe found a wild turkey feather:

The Potholes nature area includes a marsh. We saw a couple of cranes, a couple of ducks and this fascinating heron:

Isn’t it amazing how s/he blends into the bank of the stream? We see these on our creek all the time, but we can’t usually get this close to them. They seem to take off for the safety of the trees upstream as soon as we step out the door. But we were able to get close enough to this one to see the fish in its mouth!

And it seemed that with every step we took bunches of these little frogs hopped out of our way:

I encourage you to find out what nature areas might be right in your backyard!

3 years ago:

Photo Friday : Massive

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3 Responses to Take a hike, part 2

  1. Twinville says:

    I love days like that. Where nature just seems to be popping up all around.Thanks for sharing the pictures. They looks great :)~LisaLaughing Orca RanchNew Mexico

  2. Sounds like a great hike – looks like you are having some good weather too!Kris

  3. Jeannelle says:

    Oh, yes, nice shot of the heron! We see one from a distance in our “crick” area, too, but I can never get close enough for a photo!Cool frog, too!

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