We have a measley watermelon harvest this year. Crazy weather! This Orangeglo beauty was one of the few. This was a new-to-us variety that I decided to try this year.

Here’s a picture of it beside my size 9 boot for scale:

Inside, it was a creamy orange color with a lot of white seeds.

It was not terribly sweet, but that could have been the crazy weather again. Or the grower. It certainly seemed ripe – as soon as I stuck the knife in it split wide open.

We have a couple more varieties out there to try yet – I’ll report back!

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3 Responses to Orangeglo

  1. Looks yummy – I’ll have to try watermelons next year (after I dig my way out from under the hot peppers this year:))Kris

  2. Bobbi says:

    At least you had watermelon this year. We have been in severe drought mode in Kentucky, so almost everything in the garden has suffered. My watermelon never even set fruit!

  3. Lanny says:

    Nice looking though. Sorry your weather has also been less than stellar.I sent you an e-mail but not sure my e-mail is working properly. We are looking for Large Black breeding stock. Do you have any or will in the spring?

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