Snow day

Last Friday was a scheduled day off from school for the kids. I asked Rafe what he’d like to do and he was ready with an answer…cross country skiing!

birch trees on blue sky

Sounded good to me! It was a beautiful day, and the snow’s been melting. There aren’t many good snow days left so better ski while we can. He & I headed out to the nature center and he got all suited up.

Unfortunately I’d messed up my back at work the day before, so no skiing for me. It wasn’t the skiing I was worried about, it was the falling. So I just walked. (Yes, I’m a software developer and I messed up my back at work. I can’t explain it, either.)

After following the path through the woods,

we came into the open where Rafe decided to forge his own path, leaving his own tracks amongst the wildlife tracks crisscrossing the field.

Once he’d finished the circuit,

it was time for some sledding. That hill looked rather tall & steep to me, but he was undaunted.

He caught some good air and ended up with “a new world record! Mom, do they have sledding in the Olympics?”.

Is this how those crazy people get into bobsledding?

1 year ago:

Cuteness ensues

Sleeping arrangements

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2 Responses to Snow day

  1. Oh that looks like fun! The kids have been sledding every chance hey get and the snow keeps melting faster and faster:)Kris

  2. ShannonK says:

    This weekend Brody wondered if he couldn't pile the snow right up next to the garage next year so he could start from the garage roof and GO! Scary!

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