Eight things about Rafe Henry, age 8

1. This has been said before, but still… you love football. To the point of obesession. Other sports are fun, too, but really they’re just a way to pass the time until it’s football season again. My powers of “tuning out” have become finely honed. You start at the far end of the dining room, run through both the dining room & living room, tossing the football into the air as you near the far end of the living room, then catching it and diving into the loveseat endzone.

Over, and over, and over again.

I’ve made you promise to buy me new furniture with your first NFL paycheck.

2. You think that the phrase “man cannot live by bread alone” does not apply to you. You’d happily live solely on carbohydrates.

3. For your birthday you asked for cross country skis. We discussed with you many times the fact that by the time your birthday got here, the snow would be about gone. You didn’t care, so you did indeed get skis & poles & boots today. And you went out & found a bit of snow to try them out.

4. For your birthday your dad decided it was time for your first real gun. A Red Ryder BB-gun, to be exact. That, combined with the bow & arrow Santa brought you for Christmas, means that small birds & mammals had now better watch out.

Please take care of whatever creature has been wreaking havoc on the garden the last couple of years.

And hey! With the skis and the gun…you can train for the biathalon 🙂

5. You continue to do well at school. Your reading level continues to climb. You like math. You have a ton of friends. In short, you love going to school. Parent-teacher conferences are fun 🙂

6. You still like your mama to tuck you in at night. I don’t mind. Not at all.

7. As energetic as you are, it’s often surprising how cautious you are. The first thing you said when you opened your new gun was, “Is this a real gun? I didn’t want a real gun.” But once you found out that it isn’t loud when it fires, you were all over it.

Birthday cinnamon roll with a tealight birthday candle. Yep, that’s how we roll around here.

8. You bring laughter, and noise, and strange sounds, and hugs, and imagination, and more noise to our home every day. And for that I am forever grateful.

Happy Birthday, Rafe Henry!


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  1. Happy Birthday! Sounds like you got perfect birthday presents! Enjoy,Kris

  2. meanders says:

    8!! Wow! I think I started reading this blog when he turned 5 or was it 4? Every time I see a roll of toilet paper I think of his farm haybales. Time flies. Happy birthday!

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