The gold star chicks are a month old now, and have acquired some skilz. They can fly up to the top edge of the brooder pen. They can fly from the top edge of the brooder pen to the floor outside the brooder pen. They can poop all over my garage floor. They cannot always find their way back inside the brooder pen, but most of the time they do.

Next up…the best. wheat bread. evah.

4 years ago:

Chicken therapy



3 years ago:



Photo Friday : Baby

2 years ago:


A couple of sweeties

It’s time to play

1 year ago:


Ode to one of our favorite winter books


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4 Responses to Showoff

  1. Love their coloring – are these meat birds or layers?Kris

  2. They’re cuties. They look so unique!

  3. Kris – these are layer pullets. Gold Stars are sex-link hybrids. The last ones I had eventually turned an almost solid reddish-gold, other than the tips of their wing & tail feathers. They had very sweet personalities, they started laying at the youngest age, were prolific layers with a good feed-to-egg conversion ratio, were good foragers and very sweet tempered. So hopefully this group will be the same!

  4. The DINKs says:

    I Love it! I just got a phone call from the post office that my chicks have arrived. Chewing my nails at the office until it is time to go pick them up…..I’ve never done this before! What an adventure we’re headed for….

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