The pigs are enjoying the gradually warming sun (and some fall apples they found when the snow melted.)

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Big boy toys

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Cat box

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ReindeerCalf games

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5 Responses to Basking

  1. Love the piggy love. They look so happy and the sun looks so bright there! We’re scheduled for more cold and snow this weekend….ugh.Kris

  2. It looks like summer where you are. Wow.

  3. What a great combination, pork and apples. Or would that be apple flavoured pork in the future? No matter what it’s a great photo.Ms Soup

  4. Mmmmm! Nothing like some yummy leftover apples. Your piggies look fat and happy :)~Lisa

  5. Jeannelle says:

    Its nice to see pigs outdoors where they can bask in the sun!

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