Runner girl

It’s May, that time of year when spring and summer activities converge and overlap, and blogging comes to a standstill for a bit.

(I enjoy the irony of an Osage Green Devil jumping over a St. Ansgar Saint hurdle 🙂

I’ve been making most of my kid & family updates over on Facebook (so friend me if you’re there!), but thought I’d exercise my proud mom perogative here and share a little about runner girl’s track season this year.

Most of the season she ran the shuttle hurdle relay, the open 1500m, and the 4×400 relay. The last couple of meets she’s run the 4×800 relay instead of the shuttle hurdle. The whole 8th grade girls team had such a great season.

Last year she broke the Osage 7th grade girls record in the 1500m. So her goal this year was to set a new personal best, which would also break the 8th grade girls record.

Her PB last year was 5:44, and the 8th grade record this year was 5:48. She broke that record the last 3 meets with times of 5:48, 5:40, and finally 5:29 at the conference meet on Monday. And what made her happiest? Proving her dad wrong. First thing she said when she got back to the stands, “Ha! Dad didn’t think I could break 5:30 this year!”

Her 4×400 team also broke the school record, twice! I don’t remember the times now, but they beat it by 2 seconds the first time and then by 4 seconds at the conference meet on Monday. They also broke the conference meet record, but unfortunately another team broke it by more.

And here’s just a random picture I took of one of her best friends, and it just turned out so cool i had to share 🙂

Thanks for bearing with me 🙂 I’ll be back with more cute farm baby pictures…

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  1. Jeannelle says:

    Great shots over the hurdles! You’ve got a superb runner there. My son ran in shuttle hurdle relay at state meet yesterday…..they came in 10th overall. Didn’t make the finals, but were excited to run at Drake.

  2. Rurality says:

    I agree, great stop-action shots, great runner too. 🙂

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