Restocked, and first Mason City delivery date set!

As of today, we’re fully stocked on most of our beef and pork again! Hooray! I’ve been making 7 pounds of ground beef stretch like you wouldn’t believe for a couple of months 😉 You can see the updated list on our Cut Availability & Price List page.

A couple of new things we’re going to try are beef tenderloin filets and New York strips. Those will be available in a few weeks, along with our dried beef and all-beef sticks. A couple of things are already sold out, and some of our pork items we’re only going to have made for summer.

We also have some chickens still available, mostly cut-ups. Also just a few “irregulars”, meaning they might be missing part of a wing or a drumstick or some combination of those. These are discounted an additional 10 cents a pound. Perfect if you’re more of a white meat person anyways!

So we’ll be making our first Mason City winter delivery on Monday, December 9th. 6:00 p.m. in the KMart parking lot. Call your orders in to 641.732.4915 or email orders to by noon Sunday December 8th.

Can’t wait to see all of our customers again soon!

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