I’m in a very frustrated frame of mind…since moving this blog to a 3rd party hosted site, I can’t access it much of the time. Thus the lack of posting. A handful of other people have reported the same. The hosting company tells me it’s just me, because the website “downforeveryoneorjustme” says it’s just me. My ISP also says it’s just me, or my equipment. I’m thinking that all of the other people that can’t access this site are also in Iowa (but different ISPs), so it may be a DNS resolution issue somewhere along a shared path…Qwest, perhaps? At this point I’m not sure what to do next. Suggestions welcome! (I’m begging you.)

In farm happenings…we had our first Friday market last week. Not a lot of people there. I spent more than I sold. This is a problem.

We took our first batch of chickens to the processor on Sunday. The heat was brutal, we lost a handful because of it. But they’re in the freezer now & should be ready to go by the weekend. Holler if you want some (or give us a call to arrange pickup if you’ve pre-ordered.)

2.5 days until school lets out for the summer. Their freedom begins…mine ends…kidding!…(sort of) Ball games started this week, so it already feels like summer anyway. Except that we still haven’t finished putting garden in. I hope we can wrap up that task this weekend. I don’t know why, but I don’t like the planting part. I prefer the weeding part. And now Matt’s probably spewing coffee out his nose reading this, because he does most of the weeding.

Other plans for the holiday weekend include farmers market Friday, Bandfest Saturday morning, and then the rest of the weekend is mine all mine. Oh wait, away softball games Monday night. Nevermind.

I’m wondering if anybody is even reading this here thing in this new location. So please leave a comment if you’ve trailed me over from the previous residence. (Again, I’m begging.)

I think that’s enough randomness for one night. I need to get the camera out & take a bunch of new pictures, find some blogging inspiration. have a safe & restorative Memorial holiday, and THANK YOU to all of our veterans past & present as well as those currently serving.

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