A good start to a Wednesday

A favorite spring sight

We were sitting at Madeline’s ball game in St. Ansgar last night, watching a storm slowly roll in. Grey and black clouds took their sweet time, curling at the edges but not churning. (Good.) I kept an eye on the flags flying on the pole, first blowing to the north and then switching to the east. About that time the air went from hot and sticky to chill. I told Matt we’d better check on the second batch of broiler chicks when we get home from the game, just a few weeks old and just moved out to the pasture a couple of days before. We lost 8 in one night from the last batch, in a middle-of-the-night thunderstorm. So now I’m paranoid.

Umpires consulted coaches. The game started. Lineups were announced. The National Anthem sung. Madeline is the leadoff batter…a bunt…thrown out at first base.

And just then, lightening, and just like that, the game is called.

Before we even get out of town the rain is starting, and by the time we drive the 12 miles home it’s a downpour. Still, I make Matt drive out there to check on them. Surprisingly they look okay, at least half had gone back inside the shed and rest were up against the building under the extra-long eaves. Probably because it was still light out when the rain started. They could see where they needed to go to get out of it. It’s those dark-of-night storms that get them. A sigh of relief.

Still, I expected to find at least one fatality when I went out to do chores this morning. But no, they all look clean, happy, dry, perky.

A good start to a Wednesday.

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