Our Ike, our family & chicken protector, our BWD, passed away last night.

He turned 10 in October. I’m grateful that he didn’t suffer, just passed away of old age in his sleep.

But still, there were tears.

He was Madeline’s purple ribbon dog.

He was Rafe’s playmate.

He was my lapdog, and my work-from-home companion.

And of course our chicken guardian.

On a practical note, we can’t raise chickens without a guard dog so if anyone knows of Great Pyrenees pups for sale from a working farm within driving distance please let us know.

But it’s hard to imagine a worthy replacement.

Here are my favorite Ike posts:

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4 Responses to R.I.P., BWD

  1. Margie Indra says:

    I am crying right with you. What a beautiful dog, and it looks like he had a wonderful family. What a lucky, lucky d0g to have had such a wonderful life!

  2. Anita says:

    So sad. I remember your landshark joke when you introduced him on the blog and I remember the year Madeline won best junior handler with Ike. That was before Hurricane Katrina, before a lot of things but somehow it doesn’t seem all that long ago. Time just slips away. I am so sorry you’ve lost Ike. He was beautiful and I think he was a really good dog; I know you all will miss him a lot.