Punks & bluebells

Yesterday afternoon we gathered “the cousins” for a little bluebell photo op. Bluebell pictures are a mostly annual tradition over at my parents’ farm (there have been a few years in the last 12 when the spring weather didn’t cooperate.)

The boyz…

and the girls.

3 years ago:

Use the force

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Lookin’ for love

2 years ago:



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5 Responses to Punks & bluebells

  1. Sea2Shore says:

    Great pictures! Your kiddo’s sure are cuties. We enjoy the fields of wildflowers. In Missouri we have one that has a ton of Indian Paintbrush. I wish I was there to take some of that:) Soon though I will be………..

  2. Great pictures – it looks so springlike there.Kris

  3. ntb24 says:

    We always did the same thing at my Grandparents when the bluebells bloomed. They’re just so purty. :)

  4. Tipper says:

    Beautiful pictures!

  5. "JEANNELLE" says:

    I love bluebells! Grew up with them, but none here where we live now. The ones in your photos look really tall…..different than what I’ve seen before. Your photos are always lovely, and so clear!

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