Chicks, batch 2

The second batch of 150 broiler chicks arrived last Thursday. One of the (many) fun things about having new chicks is that it brings young visitors around to see them! This past weekend the girls from the Cute Little Farmhouse were here, but I was having too much fun catching chicks for Molly & Elsa to remember to take a picture.

And that anonymous baby and her brother were here as well. I did get pictures of that. A cute little chick checking out the cute little chicks :)

3 years ago:

I really must stop

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5 Responses to Chicks, batch 2

  1. How far along is batch 1 now? You will be 1 busy lady with 2 batchs of chicks running around…Kris

  2. Sea2Shore says:

    Gosh, I don’t know which is cuter the chick or the chicks;)

  3. Kris – batch 1 is out on pasture, 6 weeks old now. They’ll be going to the processor in 2 more weeks, and then batch 2 will go out to pasture. So for a few weeks I do have double chicken chores :)

  4. Becky says:

    I know I have to see if I have any pictures or not. Tim was in charge of that and I didn’t check out the camera once I got home. If not I’m going to try and pull one off the video camera.

  5. Rose says:

    That’s an awesome expression on her face. Kids and baby animals just go together huh?

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