Matt would like this blog to be all cows, all the time. But really, this time of year, they make for rather boring photo subjects. They just hang around, waiting for the grass to green up or to give birth.

Chickens, on the other hand, are interesting. All. year. round.

The colors. The clucking. The antics. I keep chickens as much for entertainment as for eggs.

1 year ago:

At large

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3 Responses to Photogenic

  1. Christy says:

    Chickens are much more interesting. I love our chickens! I can’t wait to get more, and more, and more….

  2. Cheri says:

    Speaking of all year round, do your chickens lay all year round? I’m looking to add to my flock (of inherited banty’s) and I’ve heard some varietys lay through the winter monthes??

  3. Christy – they’re a little like potato chips, aren’t they!Cheri – Mine layed through the winter the first year. Every year it gets less and less, and this winter I didn’t collect any eggs for a good 4 months. But ours free-range. Maybe if they were a little more contained in the winter they’d do better?

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