New digs

The 4-H pigs are finally out of my garage. They really seem to be enjoying their new digs. Theirs is the small port-a-hut that you can barely see, with large round bales on either side and squares stacked in front of the entrance to cut the wind. (The large port-a-hut behind it will be for farrowing next week!) Today when I went out to check on them they were laying in a pile in the doorway, getting a little sunburn on their butts!

My house no longer smells like a petting zoo…for a couple days, anyway, until 150 chicks arrive on Thursday.

4 years ago:

Peeps galore!

1 year ago:

Over my dead body

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4 Responses to New digs

  1. Laura says:

    I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed with only 93 at the moment. Not sure what I’d do with 150 chicks!Nice pigs.

  2. Christy says:

    Looks like nice digs! You’ve got lots going on there.

  3. Good job. They look happy.

  4. Ha ha Laura, if you've got 93, what's 57 more ;)Christy & PF – thanks! I was worried about the transition to the great outdoors, but they seem to be a lot happier out there than they were in the garage.

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