The 6-week-old piglets have had free range of the farm, and you just never know where you’re going to spot them…out in the pasture, in the corn crib/chicken coop, in the corn field. Matt got a pen built for them this weekend so that they can be weaned from their mama now. I’m sure she’s relieved.

Our second sow farrowed on Friday. She had 12, layed on 3, and the remaining 9 look great. Pictures to come…

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  1. meanders says:

    I know nothing about pigs, except what I see at the fair every year–clean, pink and mostly cute–not an accurate picture I think.The biologist side of me can’t figure this out. So what is the evolutionary advantage of having piglets in danger of being laid on by their moms? Or is it that pig ancestors/wild pigs don’t have litters as big and the mothers aren’t bred to be very large bacon factories where any mothering instinct is just a happy accident?Inquiring minds want to know, and congratulations on what seems to be a more successful round than round 1.

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