Numero dos

Calf #2 is on the ground, and so far so good.

But as you can imagine, I’m now impossibly paranoid. My office window overlooks the cows’ winter lot, and I’m constantly checking on them. Today this little girl layed in the same spot for what seemed like much too long. But eventually her mother did rouse her for a bite to eat.

Isn’t she cute? I love how she looks like she’s wearing a hoodie!

We have another cow that looks just like this one, and she had a calf that looks just like this one. I’ve got to try and get a picture of them, if I can tell who’s who!

2 years ago:


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2 Responses to Numero dos

  1. Lisa says:

    Does she have a name yet? The name “Magic Eight Ball” just screams at me 😉

  2. Lisa – not that I know of, but the kids have been working on it. I love “Magic Eight Ball”!

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