Garden, April

This has been one of the nicest springs I can remember. The mud hasn’t been too bad, the weather’s been warm. The farmers are getting a good start in the fields. Madeline had her first track meet of the season yesterday and we had a gorgeous afternoon for sitting in the bleachers cheering. (And yay for her 8th grade team for winning the meet! They placed in every single event. She placed 1st in the 1500m, she anchored the shuttle hurdle team which placed 2nd, and she anchored the 4×400 which placed 1st.)

Of course, all of this has me worried that we’re in for a drought. Because as you all know by now, I’m a fretter.

So I’m really itching to get in the garden. With the late harvest last fall (due to the epic floods) my dad didn’t have time to get the garden turned then. So Sunday afternoon he brought over his big rig + the soil saver.

As you can see, Rafe had to ride along with Grandpa.

Down one side,

up the other side,

a few times through the middle and the job was done.

Hopefully we can get time to till and plant some early-season crops before the rain Saturday. I’m just craving something fresh & green!

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3 Responses to Garden, April

  1. heyercapital says:

    Your post made me smile. I remember my grandpa’s small garden in Greeley would be turned over with the disk, and barely a length of the implement at that. I think he “made another pass” just by backing up a bit. :-)

  2. Patti says:

    That…is cheating! Wasnt’ it just lovely today!!!

  3. Brian – I love happy grandpa memories :) Thanks for sharing!Patti – yeah, it is cheating a little bit :) It’s been a beautiful week all around!

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