D. t'the E.

t’the L.I.C.I.O.U.S.

Our neighbor gifted us with this gorgeous bunch of morel mushrooms. Seems everbody’s got their own way of preparing them. I soaked them in salt water, rinsed and picked through them, cut them in half then coated them in flour. Then dipped into egg and finally Italian breadcrumbs. A quick fry in some oil and we were good to go.

T. t’the A. t’the S.T.E.Y ‘shroom you’re tastey

Okay, enough of the bad mushroom rap.

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5 Responses to D. t'the E.

  1. farm mom says:

    Oh! I’m so envious! We spent hours in the woods behind my parents property Sunday looking for them, but only came home with 2! I’ve never prepared them like that before, sounds scrumptious! Now if only I could find some!:)

  2. Becky says:

    I’m so jealous! I’ve been having major Dairy Queen cravings today, but I think you changed my mind. But the chances of my neighbor showing up with those beauties is slim to none. Well actually just none. Guess I had better stick to DQ.

  3. karl says:

    yum, mushroom season came and went twice around here. i didn’t get a single one. i did get an envious ear full of many mushroom stories though.

  4. Haymaker says:

    When I saw your collander of morels, I could immediately smell them frying in butter in my Grandpa’s kitchen in Greeley, IA. That was going on 2 decades ago. Dredge in flour, fry in butter. Yum.

  5. haymaker – that’s exactly the way my mom fixes them. Not sure why I did it the way I did (maybe cuz that’s how I fry chicken?), but they turned out yummy. But flour & butter would have been a lot faster and less messy!

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