Little peep

Rafe’s kindergarten teacher got an incubator and some hatching eggs for their class this spring. Quite an exciting event for them! I don’t remember how many eggs they started out with but finally 3 hatched, right during class on Thursday. So they made these cute “The chicks are here!” hats, and got to show off their chicks to the whole rest of the school.

I am so going to wear that hat every time I get a new batch of chicks this summer.

His teacher had already talked to me about taking the chicks after they hatched, and she was ready to re-home them after school on Friday. 2 of the 3 had bad legs. So the janitor was good enough to take them. (As Rafe’s teacher explained, he had a special place for them.) And one little chick got to come and live with us.

Rafe named him Peep.

Peep is too small to stick in the brooder with the 3-week-old broiler chicks. So we put him in a Rubbermaid tote with a heat lamp hung above it. But chicks are like most animals. They don’t like to be alone. I had one runt in my batch of broiler chicks so I pulled him out and stuck him in the box with Peep.

Whenever Big Chick eats, Little Peep eats. Whenever Big Chick drinks, Little Peep drinks. Quite cute!

Peep is a broiler, but I’ve promised Rafe we won’t butcher Peep. So after he gets big enough I guess he’ll get to go free-range with the laying hens.

That should be interesting.

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8 Responses to Little peep

  1. Sea2Shore says:

    Awww! Your such a good mom:) Cute little things aren’t they?

  2. farm mom says:

    So adorable! He’ll make an interesting addition to the layer flock!! :)

  3. So adorable – perhaps he can be the laying flocks’ mascot??Kris

  4. Susie says:

    So cute!My son’s daycare class had an incubator last spring and hatched NINE chicks… then they kept them in the classroom for about six weeks. They were huge! And did I mention this was the one-year-old toddler class? Good times. But now that he can talk, he still remembers the eggs and the chickens!

  5. Mary Ellen says:

    You and your husband provide such wonderfully enriching activities for your children and they seem to be experiencing such great childhoods. I love reading your blog (and viewing your beautiful photos) because it gives me a chance to live vicariously on a small Iowa farm. Your family, and other Iowa farm families like yours, give me hope for our country’s future.

  6. "JEANNELLE" says:

    So cute! I like Rafe’s name and Peep’s, too! Good choice. And Peep’s future is secure…..good for him!

  7. Twinville says:

    hehe…Peep is like the Little Brother emulating his Big Brother.So cute!I like that Peep will have a special place on your farm, too. You guys have such a soft heart.Are you positive that Peep is a rooster?And I do hope that you will post a pic of you wearing that adorable hat??

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