This is one of Madeline’s fair pigs. His crazy look was cracking me up the other day!

3 years ago:

Today I am…

2 years ago:

Spring tree

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6 Responses to Dude!

  1. Boy he is getting big – when is your fair? How are the rest of Madeline’s pigs fairing?And can you post your recipe for Chicken Pot Pie????Kris

  2. Sea2Shore says:

    What a cute little guy! We are suppose to be getting two little piggies this week at the farm. I can’t wait to see them.

  3. too cute , i have a pic of my husband with that exact look on his face :)Thanks for my smile today :)

  4. Becky says:

    It’s, um… batpig

  5. Kris – our fair is the week of July 8th. Her pigs are doing well! I’ll post the pot pie recipe soon :)s2s – can’t wait to see pictures of your piggies!survival woman – ha ha, your comment made me laugh :)becky – I’ve been trying to figure out what he reminds me of! Could be a bat. Or Don King.

  6. Twinville says:

    Hmmm…Are you sure he doesn’t have any llamas in his lineage?Check out his llama ears! heheheCracks me up!

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