Life gets in the way

So, here we are again. A rather large chunk of time has elapsed since my last post. As I responded to Karen this morning, it’s a combination of life and lack of writing mojo that’s conspired to keep me from this space.

The other thing that’s kept me quiet are discussions Matt & I have been having about the future of this little farm of ours. Or rather, trying to have. Again, life gets in the way and these conversation occur in snippets as we pass by. Like the proverbial ships in the night we only have time to flash signals and convey short messages to each other.

But before I get into all that, here’s August at Sugar Creek Farm in pictures. There are stories behind all these pictures, but I’ll just give you the teasers for now…

Shooting lessons with the BB gun

A new customer meets his future dinner

A tiny kitten was rescued

School started. (Despite her absence from this picture, Madeline started school, too. But she’s a freshman this year, and the freshman volleyball team practices at 6 a.m. I know, right?!? So she was long gone by this time.)

We had some really great family time.

Our road got paved. The furniture may actually stay dust-free for more than 24 hours now.

So! Even though I’ve been quiet in my virtual space, you can see that life’s been anything but quiet this side of the screen. But I really will try to be present here more often in September. One website that I really love is Habit. I’m thinking I may try something like this on my blog – shorter more frequent posts, but sill writing longer posts as I have time. Stay tuned…

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Mr. Duck says

Welcome, Globe Gazette readers!


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  1. Does life ever slow down???? Between 4-H, soccer, school – Im so ready to throw in the towel. But 10 days until county fair weigh in, 6 days of fair and it will be OVER. Until next year. Kris

  2. Conny says:

    That was a fun post – even a single sentence describing a picture will do. It really gave a sense of how busy your life is.I continue to enjoy reading your blog.

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