It's National Pork Month, after all

Matt says it’s time to put some beef on this here blog, but I’ve just got too many cute pig pictures to share! This is the litter that was born last Friday. How cute and shiny are they?!

And I thought nursing was tough! Makes my nips hurt just looking at this picture.

Thanks to everybody that left a comment for my Blogiversary! If you haven’t yet, please leave one here. I’ve loved reading them! I don’t get a ton of comments normally, so sometimes when I hit ‘Post’ I swear I hear an echo.

To wrap up this Blogiversary Celebration, here are my favorite posts from 2006:

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One Response to It's National Pork Month, after all

  1. Susie says:

    I love reading about SCF! This condo-dweller finds your blog inspiring. And those piglets in the first picture – they look like they lined up just to pose for your photo!

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