Beans beans the magical fruit

Saturday was an absolutely gorgeous fall day. A good day to get out and pick the drying beans. I had my nephew here, and he and Rafe were busy digging holes and hauling loads of dirt around the garden. (I think they were “harvesting”, after getting to “help” my brother and dad in the fields the last few weeks.) But curiosity got the better of them and they came over to help me.


Black Turtle

I think I like growing drying beans even better than heirloom tomatoes. So many pretty colors!

And such good helpers.

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3 Responses to Beans beans the magical fruit

  1. redsgirl says:

    Hi KelliFirst let me say “right on” for your blog anniversary. How cool to have famous family! Dad told me his grandma Zwantje used to pick the dried beans (something like “schnibbelbohne” in low German, and I know it’s not spelled correctly). Then she would fry them with bacon and onion. It was always his job to help her pick the beans.We love the piggy pictures. I keep seeing the words “some pig” when I see them.Keep up the great blog, Kelli, I really enjoy seeing what you and your family are doing.Love from your CA cousin, Kim

  2. farm mom says:

    Aw..such cute pics of the boys!! Like the pics of the dirty hands too…I can relate!! :)

  3. Great Blog — thanks for sharing!

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