It’s always fun when the piglets are at that age where they’re old enough to be adventurous and small enough to slip through the fences. One evening, as the cows were coming back up from the pasture, they found piglets hanging out on their turf.

Everybody just sort of eyed each other up and down… I was waiting for it to turn into the gang fight scene from West Side Story.

But pretty soon a mama stepped in and put a stop to the shenanigans.

Good thing, or there’s no telling what might have happened.

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5 Responses to Interlopers

  1. karl says:

    funny, cute, those young ones get into so much mischief.k-)

  2. I love your farm photos and commentary! As a wannabe farmer I love living vicariously through your blog. I've nominated you for a blog award. To accept please come over to my blog at

  3. Oh they are so cute when they are little!Kris

  4. Holly says:

    One of my favorite things is the interaction of the different animal species as it is fun to watch the calf gently move the cat over by grasping its tail and then seeing that the cat doesn't seem to mind. Or I smile when I watch my mare peer between her legs to see if there's anymore kid goats lurking there. But, with these interactions come the necessity to herd them back into their own pens and little pigs have ideas of their own which frequently wipes the smile from my face. I enjoyed the photos. Thanks!

  5. Sharon says:

    I'm really enjoying your blog. I have 10 acres and no animals, and no immediate plans for any, but I like to imagine what it would be like. Thanks for letting me peek into your world!

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