Don't send out the search party just yet

Both girls are playing softball, and this year Rafe gets to play t-ball for the first time.

Rafe & Liv’s games are in the evenings, and Madeline’s are during the day.

Which adds up to a lot of bleacher time.

And in between the day jobs and the ball games, we somehow manage to do farmers markets, do chores, castrate baby pigs, haul broiler chickens to the processor & pick them up again, and haul home loads of hay.

But why is it that the laundry is always the thing to fall by the wayside? Maybe that’s just me.

1 year ago:

This week

It’s that time again!

Mama said knock you out

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4 Responses to Don't send out the search party just yet

  1. Jeannelle says:

    You are a good mom. I finally came to the point where I felt all that "bleacher time" was absolutely pointless.

  2. Looks like fun – are you getting a tan while you're sitting in the bleachers?Kris

  3. Conny says:

    I really look forward to bleacher time (it's really the only time I get to sit down for an extended period). It's a great time to watch the kids AND listen to my iPod. I know that when my son is grown, I'll become nostalgic for this time.

  4. Conny – I'm with you. I'm enjoying it, as crazy as it is, because I know that this phase of life won't last forever and I'll miss it when it's gone! Plus it's my social time – since I work at home & communicate with co-workers via email, it's nice to get to actually talk face-to-face with adults 🙂

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