Hello. Howdy. Hi. Guten tag. Hola.


I know, I know. I barely posted in 2012. Won’t promise anything for 2013, won’t wax poetic about how I’d really like to be here more often (I would!) But wanted to let anyone that’s still around these parts know that we are indeed still kicking around on our little square of the planet.

So what do we spend our time on, since it’s obviously not writing blog posts? Well there’s our day jobs (Matt’s still doing his lineman thing, I’m still doing my software development thing.) And of course there’s the farm. There are parts of it that are going well, and parts that are sucking the life out of the parts that are going well. (Ahem! I’m talking to you, pigs!) And then there’s the offspring. We now have a senior, a freshman, and a 5th grader. Between volleyball, football, basketball, cheerleading, track, softball, church, 4-H, band, and chorus activities they keep us well entertained.

I’m planning/hoping to do a Project Life album this year, and planning/hoping to do more picture taking than I have in a while. So I’m planning/hoping to have more to share with you here even if it means I go off-topic and ramble about whatever comes to mind, farm and non-farm related alike.

So that’s the update. If you have any burning questions, any detailed updates you’d like to hear, anything at all… just leave a comment! I promise to post again before 2014 rolls in!

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