Grandpa’s tractor

Last week Matt bought 45 big round bales of cow hay out of the field.

I’ll tell you, I don’t miss making our own hay. But I think Matt does.

To make the process of getting it from the field to home easier, he borrowed my brother’s flatbed trailer & my dad’s Farmall 460 tractor. That way he could have his tractor at the field to load bales onto the flatbed, pull the trailer home with his truck and unload the bales with Dad’s tractor.

It’s good to have family close. And it’s good to have Grandpa’s tractor parked in the yard a few days.

Love to see that farmboy imagination at work!

A pull on this lever here…

and a pull on that lever there…

and we’re backing…

The ultimate “toy” for an 8-year-old boy!

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