It happens this time every year. AWOL. MIA. This year it’s partly because I’m still having problems with my web host & not able to access my own site much of the time. I plan to rectify that situation soon, switch hosts, & hope I can wrangle a refund out of the old one.

And as usual, it’s partly because ball games take over the schedule for the month of June. With all 3 of the offspring playing, some weeks it’s been at least 1 game (sometimes all 3 with games at the same time), 5 nights a week, plus varsity tournaments on Saturdays.

Liver Q pitching

I enjoy it…just being outdoors, in the moment, not trying to multitask 5 different things.

Rafe Henry

But I’m definitely ready for the end of it now. Rafe & Liv are done. Regional playoffs start for the high school tomorrow night.

Madeline rounding the bases

Then it’s on to reclaiming the garden from the weeds, and getting ready for the county fair. As I look back at the posts from this time last year, I see the same themes. And there is comfort in this cycle of our life, knowing that we’ve survived this same June craziness before.

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