Good for what ails you

I mentioned in my last post that I’d been sick this week – a nasty sinus thing accompanied by cough and general tiredness. So I took the carcass from the chicken I roasted for Easter dinner and brewed up some broth. The perfect antidote for a case of the yucks.

3 years ago:

Noon scenes

Working the plan

2 years ago:


1 year ago:

Garden, March 28

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5 Responses to Good for what ails you

  1. Looks yummy. And – I have paprika alma pepper seeds that I ordered from (I had to find the shipping receipt to find where I ordered them from). But I did see them in our local greenhouse earlier this week – so you might be able to find them locally. Have a good weekend!! Any calves yet?Kris

  2. Sandy says:

    Feel better! I like how you backpost to past years – great idea!

  3. Sea2Shore says:

    Hope the good stuff makes you feel better. It looked scrumptious! Have a great weekendBlessingsRegina

  4. Kris – thanks for the pepper info! I’m going to get ahold of some of those 🙂 No calves yet.Sandy & Regina – thanks, feeling better now 🙂

  5. Twinville says:

    I think I’ve got what you’ve got. I’ve been feeling sick for several days now.Man! That soup looks so nourishing and pampering when one is sick.Wish I could cuddle up and have a bowl.

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