Garden, August 2012

What do you do when you send the rest of the family to the fair to watch the demolition derby, and find yourself with an evening at home all to yourself?

Please tell me you venture out into your garden, pick various and sundry vegetables, and then line them all up for a family portrait.

No? Well, don’t I feel a little weird now.

I love the alien look of the kohlrabi.

Lovely, lovely cucumbers that I plan to slice up and have with onions and dressing. The recipe comes from an old church cookbook and includes the instructions “dressing can be reused up to three times before throwing out.” Indeed.

Broccoli. Nom, nom.

And yes, I even love that overachiever of garden vegetables, the zucchini.

I’m hoping I’ve guessed at the ripeness of this watermelon correctly.

A peck of to-be-pickled peppers.

It was a nice surprise to find so many things in the garden tonight, hanging on in the midst of this awful drought!

Garden of August past

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