Yeah, we love that you love to cook!

Our Olivia… you woke up this morning and all of a sudden you’re 15. It doesn’t seem right. You’re the baby sister. Baby sisters are not 15 years old.

You’re so quiet most of the time in public that people can’t quite believe that at home you’re our goofy, loud middle child. I hope in the coming years you’ll let more people see that side of you, because it’s pretty awesome.

I love watching you play volleyball…

… and pitching softball. You have such a quiet confidence, and a natural “knowing” of how to play those 2 sports.

Of course, like most sisters, you & yours have your fighty moments. But I’m seeing the two of you getting closer now that you’re both in high school.

And at the same time I see you starting to come out of your sister’s shadow and come into your own. I’m really excited about that 🙂

You’ve made some hard choices this past year about what path you want your life to take. Your dad & I are extremely proud of that and the way you’ve handled things.

Happy One-Five, Liver Quinn.

Yo Mama

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