Free Range Pork

The piglets are getting adventurous! The backside of their pen is just general livestock fencing instead of hog panels and the squares are big enough for them to squeeze through. They run about as a group looking for things to root up with their tiny little noses. Then if we come near they all run back to their pen trying to remember how to get back in.

Dang they’re cute!

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4 Responses to Free Range Pork

  1. traci says:

    Oh no–don’t start calling them cute!!! 🙂 It’s like that Dick Van Dyke episode, “Never Name a Duck”

  2. shannon says:

    *grin* Our pigs at the living history farm range so far once they start off on their adventures – they seem to have a particular fondness for the development across the street and the gardens the park rangers cherish so – usually it only a few weeks before they’re no longer welcome – cute little buggers.

  3. Does the cat herd the pigs like a dog herding sheep.I hesitate to call them cute but they are..

  4. Rurality says:

    Way way too cute! I guess they grow out of it though, huh?!You’ve got me really wanting some though. It’s just that I’m afraid I’d end up with 10 or 12 pet pigs…

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