Birds of a Different Feather

We had a few visitors yesterday afternoon. Three bald eagles were hanging out in a tree in our front yard. I couldn’t get very close before they flew away.

In this picture there is an adult eagle in the upper left – you can see that his head is white – and a younger eagle just below center.

Bald eagles develop their white head and neck feathers upon sexual maturity at around 4 to 5 years old. There was one adult with a bald head, and 2 younger eagles that were still all brown.

In this picture the second young eagle is coming in for a landing in the upper right.

They were so beautiful, and also a little ominous as they circled our farm a few times before heading up the creek to the next farm. Hopefully all of our chickens are still here. I think I’ll do a chicken head-count when they come in to roost tonight.

In the last picture I got all three – the adult to the left, one young one to the right sitting sideways, and the other young one bottom left of center.

I’m going to look under that tree today when I walk out to get the mail – maybe they left us a feather.

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3 Responses to Birds of a Different Feather

  1. mel says:

    how very cool, kelli!

  2. Amazing. I’ve only seen an eagle once here. And you have three in your trees.

  3. Rurality says:

    What a wonderful yard bird!!! Lucky lucky you.

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