Fine Dining at Sugar Creek

The tax man cometh. A friend gave us an older version of QuickBooks, so I’ve been working this week entering all of 2005. Finished up tonight, and will get everything else organized this weekend and ready to go to the lawyer next week. The good news is that we lost less money on the farm than we did last year. We’re making progress, I guess. Overall we’re fairly happy with the numbers, considering all of the death loss we had this year.

As if taxes were not enough stress for the week, on Tuesday a guy drove his truck into the side of my car. Thank God no one was hurt. When we got stopped I turned to look at Rafe. He looked like he was trying to decide whether to cry or not and he said, “That man smashed into our car!”. Rafe was sitting in his carseat next to the rear driver-side door, and the truck hit right behind that.

I had the right-of-way, so his insurance company supplied me with a rental car. The adjustor totalled out my car, so tomorrow we’ll be car shopping. Yuck.

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5 Responses to Fine Dining at Sugar Creek

  1. shannon says:

    Taxes and car shopping :( A bad week indeed. Hope you find a decent set of wheels soon!

  2. Zanne says:

    Well that totally stinks!! It doesn’t take much damage to total cars out today, the repair bills are so astronomical. Hope you find something soon.

  3. Ow! I’m glad you were both okay! Someone did the same thing to me about nine years ago. It is a real shock. Fortunately nobody hurt but my car was destroyed.

  4. karl says:

    yikes, glad everyone is ok. i hate shopping of any kind and such a huge purchase. good luck finding a new truck. say hi to the tax-man for me i’m still waiting on a 1099 or i’d be headed there too.

  5. Gina says:

    Wow, so glad none of you were hurt! It’s a frightening experience to be in a car accident.Good luck with the taxes & car shopping.

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