Cow Days of Winter

If summer has its dog days, then winter has its cow days. The cows spend these gray, dreary winter days lying about doing a whole lot of nothing.

Wish I could say the same. Actually it felt good to have such a productive weekend. Much cleaning and organizing and bagging up things for Goodwill.

And I got garden seeds ordered. We used Vermont Bean Seed Company, Seed Savers Exchange, and Baker Creek this year. I think at least 90% of the seeds we ordered this year are heirloom varieties. Should be fun. Can’t wait to get the seed starting rack filled up. Matt wants me to teach him how to start seeds this year. I think I’ll start him out washing and sanitizing cell packs and trays. [evil grin] I hate that job. I’ll be glad to have a hand making newspaper pots this year. That’s a time-consuming task.

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  1. Melissa says:

    Yeah! I found your blog. I love your stories and your pictures. Hurray for farms!

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