Farm kids gone bad

See that red splotch on the side of the front bale? The farm kid version of graffiti.

I’d had a can of spraypaint out, trying to mark out a volleyball court in the grass for the girls. A few days later I spotted this little piece of work. I suspect the middle child – she’s a compulsive artist, and this wouldn’t be her first act of graffiti around here.

1 year ago:


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2 Responses to Farm kids gone bad

  1. Angela says:

    That's funny! Where did we go wrong with our kids? lol My 5 yr old boy is always doing something sneaky like drawing on the walls. lol Magic Eraser works great to get it off!A couple years ago some teens tried to set our hay on fire. It didn't catch fire but I did find the pop bottle that they threw at it that was on fire. They actually tried 2 times. Hugs,Angela

  2. Woody says:

    One of the first signs of decay. The whole area will soon be sliding downhill…lol

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