I’ve come to the conclusion that I should just outfit the front porch with nest boxes. Then the hens can deliver the eggs to me, instead of me going on my Easter egg hunt every day.

I noticed quite the clutch of eggs in this washtub/flower planter next to the front door. (Poor flowers have been done in by the nasty winter weather we’ve had lately!) The next day, I caught the hen in the act. Now that’s service – eggs layed right outside the front door!

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6 Responses to Delivery

  1. frugalmom says:

    Such a beautiful hen. I love this!!!

  2. Christy says:

    I wish mine would start laying somewhere! If they are laying, it is a well kept secret.

  3. Angela says:

    She is just beautiful! And she is just trying to help you out a little by laying her eggs at the front door. I think she is tired of the hide and seek game she has been playing with you! lolAngela

  4. ClassyChassy says:

    That is so funny – and what a novel idea!!! My hubby makes hen houses – I have a couple of them pictured on my blog – maybe he can make nest boxes for porches! That is great – hens that deliver eggs to YOU! How cool is that!!!

  5. ellsworth says:

    Sugar Creek Farm,I drove through Iowa this past weekend and couldn't help but think of your farm. I was taken by the beauty of the Iowa farmland. I wished that I could find you and take a look at those baby pigs in person. Keep up the great posts. I show my 4 year old neice all the pictures.

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