"family time"

Yesterday afternoon’s task was to sort 5 pigs…

from a pen of 14…right after a heavy rain.

And not just any 5 pigs. The 5 Chester Whites of the bunch. It was a little hard to tell which ones were white, let alone which ones were white Chesters and which ones were white crossbreds.

So we chased them through the mud, sorted off 7 or 8 that we thought were them, chased them through the mud some more, and then narrowed it down by size (the Chester Whites were slightly older and slightly bigger) and body type (the Chester Whites were longer).

The pigs sure enjoy the new mud a lot more than we did.

At one point Madeline and I looked at each other and said, “How’s this for fun family time on a Sunday afternoon?” and rolled our eyes. A couple of hours and 5 showers later, we were done.

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6 Responses to "family time"

  1. Lisa says:

    OMGosh that’s a LOT of mud! LOL I really really REALLY wish you’d taken pics of yourselves though. Then we could compare who’s dirtiest after chores. 😛

  2. Lisa – that was my intent when I took the camera out, but once we got into it I feared for the safety of the camera :) So into the truck it went.

  3. vintagechica says:

    He, he…my boys would have been in heaven. And Im with Lisa…you didnt immediately whip out the camera before coming in for a shower? Great post.

  4. Woody says:

    You have inspired me to post the story of loading my daughters hog for the county fair. If I can’t laugh at myself I’m in big trouble… or is this just the medication…lol

  5. Patti says:


  6. Patti – ha, I guess I never said why we were sorting them off, did I? These 5 went to the butcher.

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