Apple picking

The kids had the day off school today so I took the day off, too, and we hit the Appleberry Farm to pick some apples. Appleberry is just west of Marshalltown, which is a couple of hours south of us. We’d never been there before and really enjoyed it!

The Golden Delicious apples were at their peak. A taste test in the field confirmed that they are indeed delicious – and sweet!

The kids really had a good time at it, especially learning to wield the basket picker. We came home with 2 bushels of apples and a gallon of cider.

Now to figure out what to do with them. I believe pie filling and sauce, as well as pie and crisp, are in the plan for the coming weekend.

Of course no trip to Marshalltown is complete without lunch at Taylor’s Maid-Rite. I’m always amused at the people who just order it by the bowl, no bun.

And no trip to Marshalltown is complete without a stop at Gracious Acres, either. A too-brief visit, but still a treat.

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4 Responses to Apple picking

  1. Jason says:

    Yeah! My wife reads your blog all the time and pointed out this entry. I grew up in Gilman, just south of Marshalltown, and your pictures bring back many memories of going to Hinegardner’s just east of Marshalltown. And what a better stop than lunch at Maidrite! Sweet! We currently live in Ohio and over here they have not been blessed with lose meat.

  2. Farmer Ken says:

    I LOVE those pictures! Thank you! They are making me homesick!One of my cousins used to own a small orchard across the Mississippi river from Muscatine, Iowa.I remember going there a couple of times in the fall to pick apples. I just LOVE fall in the mid-west!

  3. Stacie says:

    great photos! I recently made the dubious order of a bushel of peaches. That both baskets? I asked. Egads!

  4. Nice apples! I’m jealous. Our trees aren’t producing yet and we haven’t had time to visit an orchard this year. Lookin’ good!

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