Cat box

We put a wooden crate filled with straw up on the porch for the cats to sleep in. The older tomcats, Pickles and Butterscotch, usually hang out in the chicken coop. But today they were sleeping in the crate with Fatman, Robin and Casper.

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7 Responses to Cat box

  1. Caroline says:

    Oooh, how cute! The one on the left looking at the camera looks like our Sunny. It’s amazing how they can all get along (even if they don’t usually get along) when it’s *cold*.

  2. tabitha says:

    our cat and dog don’t get along at all unless it is really cold. the other morning the cat was literally sleeping on top of the dog and would bite the dog if she moved. it was really funny but near impossible to catch on camera.

  3. Kristianna says:

    I love that photo! You are making me want to get another kitty-cat! We lost our two cats in the last couple of years. Great photo.K

  4. So sweet. This is the *one* time I miss having more than one cat around. Leah has become an indoor cat [for now] because there’s no other cats to keep her warm. When will it warm up – – I’m sneezing like a crazy woman?!

  5. Great pic – I love the soft colors, expressive eyes and the story the photo tells.

  6. Juli says:

    That is a GREAT photo! Looks like a postcard… and are they cute or what?! My three cats are sisters from the same litter but they look at each other like they’ve never seen the other. Snobs, prima donnas, spoiled babies. How’d they get that way?! 😉

  7. Rebekah says:

    Okay, you get the award for the cutest cat picture EVER. Love it. Your blog is so much fun!

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