Unexpected blog fodder


It’s always interesting when I download the pictures off my camera’s memory card to find pictures that I didn’t actually take. That was the case tonight. I thought I was downloading pictures of football games and volleyball matches and homecoming activities. But I also downloaded evidence that the boys had taken the camera along for chores one day.

There was this very lovely photo of cows in the mist…

And another lovely photo of a new litter of pigs…

I spy a little pig playing London Bridge with mama’s tail!

This one appears to be a photo of our chicken watch dog, but is also a photo of a boy taking photos while his dad does all the chores by himself in the background.

But apparently his dad was in on the photo shoot, as evidenced by this photo of the boy on top of the livestock trailer. I don’t even want to know how/why he was on top of the livestock trailer.


I guess it’s all good, as long as I get my camera back in one piece.

Two years ago:
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The pretty picture

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