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The cuteness

It’s that time of year again. I lose my garage for the next 3 months, first to Madeline’s fair pigs, then to chicks, and then to chicks again. The garage is attached to the house, and I can tell you … Continue reading

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I can see for miles & miles

Me (answering the phone): Hello? Matt: Can you see me? Me: No, I’m in the basement. Where are you? Matt: Grab the camera and step out the back door. I’m on top of the windmill. Can you see him up … Continue reading

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This winter

The snow is piling up… up, up, up to the eaves. And the icicles are growing down, down, down. For 7-year-old boys, this is heaven. The other upside is that all of that snow insulates the ground, and our underground … Continue reading

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A little Valentine love

I don’t usually get that into Valentine’s Day decorating. Not because I’m morally opposed to it or anything. It has more to do with my lack of organization. Which explains why normally I’m taking down snowman decorations somewhere around May … Continue reading

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Installment #10 : One of These Things Just Doesn't Belong Here

After 3 days the snow finally stopped this afternoon, so I stepped outside to see how everybody fared and snap a few pictures. As I turned my lens on the feeder calves I saw what I hadn’t noticed before. One … Continue reading

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tub toys Winter is beginning to wear on me. Still, I’m not ready for the busyness of spring & summer yet. I’m thinking maybe the remedy is a new craft project? 1 year ago: Music to my ears

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Iowa Food Coop, February

Snowy lane The shopping cart is open at the Iowa Food Coop for February! It will be open until February 13, with delivery on Thursday, February 18. This thing just keeps growing, and we’re so excited to be a part … Continue reading

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Getting promoted

Rafe turns 8 next month, and in anticipation has entered into negotiations for a raise in his allowance. After explaining that a raise would have to be precipitated by a corresponding raise in responsibilities, he hand-washed the dishes, pots & … Continue reading

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Win some, lose some

I made a discovery the past couple of weeks. Forget fall cleaning, or spring cleaning (which I always forget anyway in lieu of gardening.) Winter cleaning is where it’s at! I now declare January the annual Deep Clean as a … Continue reading

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