This winter

The snow is piling up…

up, up, up to the eaves.

And the icicles are growing down, down, down.

For 7-year-old boys, this is heaven.

The other upside is that all of that snow insulates the ground, and our underground water line to the shed hasn’t frozen yet. This time last year we were running hoses already.

1 year ago:


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2 Responses to This winter

  1. Looks lovely. Do you get lots of drifting snow? Our driveway drifts constantly – but the kids are enjoying it!Kris

  2. Putz says:

    we have people buried up your way in sugar creek>>>>>lars[LEO} larsen, the husband of mary braithwaite[daniel larsen her second husband}, parents of doris, beth and leiora larsen>>>right there in your tiny cemetary

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