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Roast chicken in wine & broth I’d forgotten how I’d drooled over my sister-in-law’s Le Creuset roasting pan when we visited last Christmas…until I opened their gift to me this Christmas morning. Somehow, cooking it in a beautiful, fancypants pan … Continue reading

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Thank you

scooping out from the Christmas storm So here we are, in that in-between time. Still ruminating in the blessings of Christmas, and looking forward to flipping the calendar to a new January. It seems an appropriate time to say Thank … Continue reading

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How to Cook : Pizza

I really can’t believe, out of all the recipe posts I’ve done, that I’ve never done pizza! It’s an almost-weekly meal at our house during the fall, winter & spring months. (And I’m working on mastering pizza on the grill … Continue reading

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You picked a fine time to leave me, Lucille

Things definitely do not look like this at the farm today! Add 12 inches of snow, subzero temps and 35 mph winds to this scene and you’ll have it. At least, that’s what I’ve been told. I left town on … Continue reading

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Piglets, Iowa Food Coop, & winter deliveries

I caught the piglets free-ranging in the yard, making divets underneath the girls’ volleyball net. Stinkers. I’ve been working with Ava, teaching her to keep them out of the yard and back by the buildings. At first she just looked … Continue reading

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