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At the back door

I hate when they do this. Sit there and gaze longingly in the mudroom door, looking all sweet and cute and cuddly. Must. Resist.

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Day to Day :: September 23, 2009

Things felt different this morning. Despite a night of almost no sleep there was a calm, a peace, a rightness inside me that I hadn’t felt since I don’t remember when. In that sliver of time between the kids leaving … Continue reading

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Wow…and another survey

Wow, you guys are so good! You already maxed out Olivia’s first survey! (SurveyMonkey only allows 100 responses for the free version.) Thank you! A number of people left a comment here, or on Facebook, what your “Other” choice was. … Continue reading

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Help with homework, please?

So Olivia has a homework assignment to create a survey question and collect responses from at least 75 people. Being my daughter and all, she asked if she could hijack the blog for the assignment. The student So if you … Continue reading

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How to Cook : Aunt Sandy's Oven Crispy Chicken

I mentioned earlier that we had another batch of chickens butchered last week. Usually I just get them all as whole birds. But our processor does do cut-ups, so I decided to try that out this time and got about … Continue reading

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Laborful day

Mmm, hams! Labor Day was indeed a day of labor for us. Fortunately many hands make light work! Our customer-friends & their daughter volunteered to come over & help, and we were so glad they did. How nice was that, … Continue reading

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A little help here?

Fatman In the chaos that seems to be life these days, we’ve lost the lists of who ordered what. This situation is giving me a stomachache. If I have a filled-out order form, and/or a deposit check, we’re good. But … Continue reading

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Day to Day :: September 1, 2009

It took all of us to flush the stray pig out of the cornfield. Giggles, and shouts of “I found him! Over here!” drifted out from the thick dark green mass of rustling leaves. Would I miss this, if we … Continue reading

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Life gets in the way

So, here we are again. A rather large chunk of time has elapsed since my last post. As I responded to Karen this morning, it’s a combination of life and lack of writing mojo that’s conspired to keep me from … Continue reading

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