Day to Day :: September 23, 2009

Things felt different this morning. Despite a night of almost no sleep there was a calm, a peace, a rightness inside me that I hadn’t felt since I don’t remember when.

In that sliver of time between the kids leaving for school and me heading upstairs to my office for the day job, I slipped on my boots and just walked around outside. Everything was still damp from yesterday’s rain, and green and earthy-smelling. The morning sun made everything glisten and come to life. I pulled a few of the most obnoxious weeds from the flower beds.

The amazing thing was the silence. The cattle quietly munched hay. The pigs napped in the new mud. The hens searched the lawn for bugs.

It was the sound of contentment.

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I wanna be a cowboy

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  1. meanders says:

    Hey, my husband is just driving by Osage right now. He went to Mason City to visit a door company, and is heading back to Wisconsin, to fly back to CT tomorrow! If it weren't so late he might have stopped by…small world

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