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Pete & Repeat

2 cute little heifers, that look a lot alike! Fortunately one wears white socks so that I can tell them apart. 4 years ago: Holy Moly Virginia Bluebells 3 years ago: The baby parade continues 2 years ago: Whatchimacallit Cow … Continue reading

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How to Cook : Eggs Benedict

Once upon a time, a long time ago…I turned 30. And one of my best friends from high school did, too, just 7 days before me. So I flew out to San Francisco to celebrate with her. Me, left, Susan, … Continue reading

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Is there anything sexier than a man tilling your garden? (And some random chicken.) I didn’t think so. 4 years ago: Lined up at the buffet 1 year ago: I’m it

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Beak to the grindstone

The first batch of chicks for this year is in the garage brooder pen. These guys are all business when it comes to eating. 2 years ago: Go fly a kite 1 year ago: The huddled masses

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This is Pretty Girl. Don’t tell the others, but she’s Matt’s favorite cow. He loves Herefords, and Pretty Girl was the first one he bought. I guess there’s always a special place in a guy’s heart for his first Hereford. … Continue reading

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Numero dos

Calf #2 is on the ground, and so far so good. But as you can imagine, I’m now impossibly paranoid. My office window overlooks the cows’ winter lot, and I’m constantly checking on them. Today this little girl layed in … Continue reading

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Garden, April

This has been one of the nicest springs I can remember. The mud hasn’t been too bad, the weather’s been warm. The farmers are getting a good start in the fields. Madeline had her first track meet of the season … Continue reading

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That had to hurt

See that egg? Front row, third from the right? Every once in a while someone lays a giant egg, and it just makes my hiney tingle. 4 years ago: Eat, drink and be married 1 year ago: Today’s chick fix

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Trusting my instincts (or not)

Remember this guy? He was 6 days old on Saturday, and had been doing good all week. When I checked on him Saturday morning he was just standing in the pile of cornstalks that the cows like to sleep on. … Continue reading

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Happy Easter!

4 years ago: Happy trails Our new friend Troy Flarp 3 years ago: George Spread a little sunshine Take me to the river Spring 2 years ago: Cuteness Spring, O Spring Tragic tale o’ the day 1 year ago: I’m … Continue reading

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